Expect delay for local introduction of Isuzu mu-X SUV

Here is some news for the many customers that are eagerly awaiting the local market introduction of the Isuzu mu-X.

Last year, we were able to get confirmation that the Isuzu mu-X was going to arrive in the Philippine market by 2021. But that may have to change: our contacts informed us of a situation that will likely result in the delay of the Philippine launch of the all-new Isuzu mu-X.

We weren't given an exact month, but what we can say is that instead of arriving at dealerships toward the end of 2021, the mu-X will probably be launched in 2022. If we were to guess, sometime in Q2.

The issue isn't pandemic-related, though it is likely that is a complication as well. But the primary reason is the global chip shortage.

Earlier, we reported the reason behind the long queues of the 2021 D-Max at Isuzu dealers around the country: the global microchip shortage. The lack of certain parts that make use of the now precious commodity is forcing automakers to slow down production worldwide and Isuzu isn't immune to it.

Now the delay with the launch of the mu-X is not yet final. The chip shortage could improve, and that would certainly have an effect on speeding up automobile production in Thailand for the D-Max, mu-X, and other models. Even if the situation doesn't improve, Isuzu could launch the model or hold a premiere in the Philippine market before the end of the year, but even so, the units will likely be arriving at dealerships in the first part of 2022 at the soonest.

Early this year, the Isuzu D-Max was launched in the Philippine market and quickly proved to be a hit amongst the Isuzu customer base. Actually, the truck is even proving popular amongst clients of other marques, but the supply issue is quite literally strangling the sales of the model. Our sources tell us that the company can easily sell double the number of units of D-Max if they had the supply.

Given the success of the D-Max, we also expect the same or even better reception for the all-new Isuzu mu-X. The model, which now shares a platform (and more) co-developed with Mazda, is easily going to be a hit in our market. Isuzu recognizes that the Philippines is a key country for 7-seaters like the mu-X, which is why the Toyota Fortuner/SW4, Mitsubishi Montero Sport/Pajero Sport, Ford Everest/Endeavour, and the Nissan Terra/X-Terra are so popular here.

The diesel specialist actually takes into account the inputs from the Philippine market for the SUV models, and hopefully, that will factor into the all-new mu-X once we get a chance to drive it.