Philippine auto sales in June 2019 continued on its positive trend as the industry sold a total of 35,109 units. Continued release of government funding and a favorable economic environment were seen as contributing factors to the growth.

Consolidated sales of Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) members totaled to 35,109 units, representing a 4.56% gain, selling 1,531 units more than 33,578 units the previous month.

"The automotive brands’ collective efforts, highlighted by fleet sales, good financing deals, and model updates and upgrades, show that we have learned to adjust and adapt to market conditions thus helping consumers acquire new vehicles with fewer hurdles," commented Atty. Rommel Gutierrez, CAMPI president.

Passenger car (PC) sales totaled 11,049 units, covering 31.45% of the market. Commercial vehicles (CV) continued to take a larger share of the market at 24,060 units or 68.55% of the market.

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) led the CV subsegments, comprising 80.92% of CV sales with 19,470 units sold; 2.96% more than last month's 18,911 total. AUV/MPV segment sold 3,387 units, gaining 6.1% from 3,192. Truck and bus sales were mostly down. Light truck sales declined 8.92%, selling a total of 582 units compared to the previous month's 639 unit total. Category 4 Heavy Duty Truck and Bus sales increased to 394 units (+13.21%) compared to last month's 348 units. Category 5 Heavy Duty Truck and Bus slightly dipped to 134 units, (-2.9%) from last month's 137 units. AVID members Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. and JAC Automobile International Philippines Inc. logged a total of 93 truck units sold.

The top five performing manufacturers for the month of June are:

  1. Toyota – 14,523 units (41.38% market share)
  2. Mitsubishi Motors – 5,315 units (15.14% market share)
  3. Nissan – 3,872 (11.03% market share)
  4. Hyundai – 2,868 units (8.17% market share)
  5. Suzuki– 2,159 units (6.15% market share)

After six months, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation continues its commanding lead of the market with 41.38-percent. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation follows in second with 15.14-percent. Nissan Philippines Inc. in a strong third with 11.03%. Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. is in fourth with 8.17%, and Ford Philippines in fifth position with 6.15-percent.