Philippine auto sales saw an 8.16% increase in August, month-on-month, making a rebound after two consecutive months in the red. Sales totaled 30,350 units, based on the latest consolidated report from the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA). 

Driven by intensive promotional campaigns by brands and dealers, and new model arrivals and introductions have fueled the uptick which saw an increase in nearly all segments.

However, August 2018 sales were still 14.04% down compared to the previous year’s 35,309 unit total. Total industry volume for the first eight months of the year is still down by 14.3% compared to the same period last year.

Passenger Car sales continued its gains from the previous month with a 24.55% gain totaling 8,715 units, covering 28.71% of the market. Commercial Vehicles rebounded with a 2.7% gain totaling 21,635 units, representing the bulk of the market with 71.29%.

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) such as vans, pickups, and SUVs led the CV subsegments, comprising 80.21% of CV sales with 17,354 units sold; surging by 10.2% more than last month's 15,749 total. The AUV/MPV segment, on the other hand, sold 2,981 units, down sharply by 25.4% from 3,995 as key models get discontinued due to modern emission standards. Truck and bus sales were mostly up, light truck sales slid 6.8%, selling a total of 685 units compared to the previous month's 735 unit total. Category 4 Heavy Duty Truck and Bus sales totaled 456 units (+0.2%) compared to last month's 455 units. Category 5 Heavy Duty Truck and Bus sold 159 units, (23.3%) compared to last month's 129 units.

“Coming from a double-digit decline in July, our August sales performance is an indication of improving consumer confidence,” said Atty. Rommel Gutierrez, CAMPI president.

In the premium segment, Mercedes-Benz (ANG) continues to lead monthly sales with 48 units sold, Lexus (LMI) comes in second with 42 units, BMW (SMC-ACDC) follows in third with 37 units, and Jaguar-Land Rover (CMC) with 10 units in fourth.

Sales performances were positive for most brands. The top 3 advancers*: Nissan (NPI) surged 56.8% with the arrival of their new Terra SUV, Volkswagen (ACEI) saw an increase of 12.8%, and Suzuki (SPI) sales went up by 12.6%.

However, those who didn't fare well saw sharp downtrends. Top three decliners* were Kia (CAC) with a 22.2% drop, Ford (FCP) sales declined by 21.6%, Mazda (BAPI) continues its slide from last month with a sharp 19.6% downtrend.

*only brands selling more than 100 units per month were included.

The top five performing manufacturers for the month of August are:

1. Toyota – 12,315 units (40.58% market share)

2. Mitsubishi – 5,456 units (17.98% market share)

3. Nissan – 4,500 units (14.83% market share)

4. Ford – 1,706 units (5.62% market share)

5. Honda – 1,685 units (5.56% market share)

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation continues its commanding lead in the market with 42.06 percent. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation follows in second with 19.26-percent. Nissan further improves on its third position standing with 8.95-percent. Ford remains in fourth with 7.13-percent and Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. rounds up the top five with 6.72-percent.