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Philippines chosen for Bloomberg Road Safety program


Program aims to reduce fatalities and injuries from road traffic crashes

Bloomberg Philanthropies, an organization that works on road safety, announced the ten cities and five countries that will participate in its Global Road Safety Initiative program.

The said program aims to reduce fatalities and injuries from road traffic crashes in "low" and "middle" income cities and countries. The organization will commit USD 125 million (around PhP 5.5 billion) over five years to strengthen the national road safety legislation and the city level implementing proven road safety interventions.

The Philippines has been selected to participate in the said program along with China, India, Thailand and Tanzania. With this, Bloomberg Philanthropies' "Road Safety" partners will provide the Philippines the following support programs:



EMBARQ is a Washington-based World Resources Institute that works on sustainable "urban transport, urban design, pedestrianization, mass transit and sustainability panning."

Global New Car Assessment Program (GNCAP)

GNCAP is a registered charity based in London, England that promotes and conducts independent research and crash test programs in "emerging markets where vehicle growth is strong but independent safety rating information is not yet available."

Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP)

GRSP is part of the International Federation of the Red Cross that trains police regarding laws on road safety such as "drinking and driving, speeding and seat-belt and helmet use."

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

This is an acedemic institution based in Baltimore, Maryland that formed an International Injury Research Unit which focuses on surveillance and evaluation of road safety risk factor interventions as well as post-crash trauma services globally.

National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO)

NACTO facilitates the exhange of transportation ideas, insights and best practices among large cities. Moreover, they address issues in urban planning, pedestrianization and road design.

The Union North America (UNA)

UNA is an international public health organization that specializes in "working with governments to plan, implement and evaluate public health initiatives."

Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF)

GRSF is a program that addresses the "growing crisis" of road traffic deaths and injuries in "low" and "middle" income countries. GRSF assess "high-risk roads, provides technical assistance, funding and advisory services as well as policy recommendations for multi-sectorial integration of safety into road projects."

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO support countries to implement and to improve compliance with effective road safety legislation and regulations. Moreover, the WHO is responsible for training journalists on road safety and publish a global status report on road safety.


On the other hand, the ten cities that Bloomberg Philanthropies selected are the following: Accra, Ghana; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Bandung, Indonesia; Bangkok, Thailand; Bogota, Colombia; Fortaleza, Brazil; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Mumbai, India; São Paulo, Brazil; and Shanghai, China.

The selected cities will receive:

(1) Senior-level, full-time staff to work within city governments on their road safety initiatives for up to 5 years

(2) Comprehensive technical assistance from the world’s leading road safety organizations

(3) Training for police officers and other relevant city staff

(4) Support to create hard-hitting mass media campaigns

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