Welcome to the digital age Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost)!

If you’re the type who fancies sending hardcopy correspondence, you may want to try out the ‘upgraded service’ of the PHLPost after receiving Php91-million in aid from international organization based in Switzerland.

According to Postmaster General Josie Dela Cruz, PHLPost has just completed the purchase of 83 brand new mail vans to augment the existing fleet, but this new batch now comes with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to speed up their nationwide service.

"These brand new vehicles will be equipped with GPS tracking system for security and easy monitoring of time sensitive mail matters. We are confident that the recent UPU-QSF financial assistance granted to PHLPost to acquire new vehicles for mail delivery will boost our capabilities to better serve the mailing public and attract more institutional mailers to patronize the services of PHLPost," said Dela Cruz.

The agency plans to continue the process of replacing aging vehicles and acquiring more mail vans and motorcycles for letter carriers.

PHLPost employs some 7,000 full-time regular employees and currently manages a transport fleet of about 840 vehicles nationwide.