Japanese lighting specialist PIAA announces new innovative LED (light Emitting Diode) driving lamps that offer the beam control of a halogen light with the low power consumption and durability of an LED light. As a light source LEDs offer several advantages over their halogen counterparts like very low power consumption, compact size and durability.

Unlike most products currently in the market that position the LED aimed straight out forward, the lights of the PIAA LED Driving Lamps aim to the reflector. This new orientation of the light source allows for far better beam control and output than the conventional layout.

In place of a traditional halogen bulb each light uses two 3 watt LED's producing a very white beam with a color temperature of 6000-Kelvin. LEDs with a computer designed multi-surface reflector gives a true high performance driving pattern in a lightweight, durable package that requires a fraction of the power used by a comparable halogen product.

PIAA wanted to achieve a ‘perfect’ LED lighting when they designed reflector-facing bulbs and new ‘first-in-the-industry’ reflector technology. The innovative design offers significantly improved lighting and beam control compared to conventional LED and halogen lights with forward-facing bulbs. The result is greater visibility for drivers. Key to achieving these performance advantages is PIAA’s advanced Reflector Facing Technology (RFT). PIAA’s exclusive computer-designed, multi-surface reflector concentrates and focuses the beam pattern of the rearward-facing LED bulbs more precisely than forward-facing LED lights. RFT is featured in PIAA’s new LP 570 and LP 530 High Intensity LED Driving Lamp series.

PIAA LED Driving Lamps

The LP 570 is a 180 mm / 7 inch High Intensity LED Drive lamp that uses a 18w LED bulb with a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin and produces 75,000 cd, while the LP 530 is a 90 mm / 3.5 inch High Intensity LED Drive lamp that uses 8w LED bulb with a color temperature of 6000 Kelvin and produces 18,000 cd.

Both series of PIAA LED lights provide brilliant illumination, with lower power consumption than conventional LED and halogen lights. They light the road with brilliant cobalt-blue color that is clearly visible to oncoming traffic, providing an added measure of driving safety. The lights are compact and durable, with the cast aluminum casings and polycarbonate lenses. Each kit includes two lamps, wiring harness and switch.

For more information about PIAA products in the Philippines, contact +63927-559-5170 or visit their website at www.piaa-ph.com.