PIAA, one of the leading companies in automotive lighting, has just introduced their new line of lighting solutions with the RF Series of LED Bars, Series Sport Lamps and Daytime Running Lights (DRLs).

Described by the company to provide better illumination while using less power, the new LED lights will make for safer journeys on and off the road during nighttime.

First up is the RF Series LED Bars and LP Series Sport Lamps. The RF (Reflector Facing) technology is the key component that sets PIAA LED Bars and Sport Lamps apart from the rest, making it perfect for both city and non-road driving according to PIAA.

Considered by PIAA as their industry-first proprietary technology, the LED bulbs are positioned face toward the reflectors. This feature minimizes the power drain from the battery, which was a common disadvantage of old-style lights.

The new light bulbs will still be able to maximize their output and at the same time, generate a more controlled beam as they were computer-engineered.

PIAA RF Series LED Bar

Next up are the new Daytime Running Lights which now come as standard equipment on most cars as they increase visibility on the road during daytime. The PIAA DRL series is one of the most versatile in the market, particularly the DR305.

This model features a 5-LED chain of illumination that fits just about any mounting angle, given PIAA’s 360-degree rotational mounting system. What makes it more versatile is the wiring harness that allows the LEDs to automatically dim when you turn on your headlights.