PIAA will introduce its new LED Light Bars to the Philippine market, the innovative lighting product uses its 'industry-first' Reflector Facing Technology (RFT) to provide more efficient light output that reduces glare at the same time. The innovative technology offers significantly improved lightning and beam control compared to LED and halogen lamps with forward facing bulbs.

"PIAA LED light bars are different from every other light bar out there. The computer designed reflectors allows for a true, controlled beam pattern, along with more light output per watt versus the competition," explained Hidemi Miyoshi, PIAA General Manager for New Business Development and Global Business.

Miyoshi also added that their motorsport activities have allowed them to further improve their quality because the demanding environment of motor racing is an ideal test bed for their products. He also shared that race car drivers of top motorsport teams personally request that their lamps are used, especially in rally racing and off-roading.

The new products aim to complement the current PIAA LP Series round-type LED lamps, which also feature RFT. The new RF Series LED bars will be offered in 6”, 10” and 18”. The lamps are compact and durable, with cast aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses to withstand the most harsh conditions.

For more information about PIAA products in the Philippines, contact +63932-3460888 or visit their website at www.piaa-ph.com.