Piaggio Apé Commericial Vehicles recently debuted under its official distributor Autoitalia Philippines Enterprises Inc. (APE Inc.). Apé (ah-peh), in Italian, is honey bee, and just like the hardworking insect, the Piaggio Ape can practically work 24/7. Autoitalia is under the Autohub Group, one of the most prominent vehicle dealership networks in the Philippines.

Four model variants of the Apé were introduced with various customization options for the dynamic needs of Filipino entrepreneurs. The variants are: (1) Drive Away Chassis, (2) Passenger, (3) Pick-Up and (4) Delivery Van. It aims to cater to all business types, be it for transport, deliveries, and mobile selling. The passenger variant aims to provide a safer and more cost-efficient alternative to tricycles, while the delivery van and pick-up variants are ideal for fast and small-scale deliveries around the metro.

Ape Passenger Type

Powering the Apé is a 435cc single cylinder, naturally aspirated air cooled, direct injection and 4-stroke diesel engine with a rated top speed of 55km/h. It is current the “smallest diesel engine in the world,” making it easy to maintain and easier to overhaul. With compact dimensions of 3145mm long and 1490mm wide, the Apé stays true to the promise of providing services amidst the congested city streets and the narrow roads of the countryside.

The Apé has been classified as a three-wheel non-conventional vehicle and can run on both primary and secondary roads in the country.

Willy Tee Ten

"We are all excited about this new brand, considering that it has the smallest diesel engine in the world, this is really going to be big in the Philippines. This brand is perfect to those who are not afraid to start small and dreams of becoming big someday. We are going to launch this along with our campaign - "Arangkada Pinoy Entreprenyur", for this is Autohub's Push for Entrepreneurship," says Mr. Willy Tee Ten, President of Autohub Group.

Prices for the Piaggio Apé  are Php190,000 for the Drive-away Chassis, Php 210,000 for the Pickup, Php240,000 for the Delivery Van, and Php190,000 for the Passenger type. They can be viewed at Piaggio Otis, Piaggio Greenhills and Piaggio Quezon Avenue.