Shell, the world's largest distributor of transport biofuels, supports the Biofuels Act of 2006 through its compliance with the minimum one percent biodiesel mandate in its diesel engine fuels using coconut methyl ester (CME).

With over 30 years of experience with alternative fuels in countries such as USA, Brazil, Sweden, and Thailand, Shell believes that the use of such fuels is part of its commitment to Sustainable Development in the Philippines and around the world. Shell is working towards securing sustainable biofuel components that meet critical social, environmental and economic criteria including internationally recognized human and worker rights and the preservation of protected areas or valuable ecosystems.

Pilipinas Shell tapped on this leadership allowing it to be the first major oil company in the Philippines to launch its ethanol blended gasoline, Shell Super Unleaded E10, last May of this year. And now, Pilipinas Shell supports the government's mandate of having a minimum one percent biodiesel blend in all its diesel engine fuels sold in the country. It is because of its experience, knowledge, technical innovation and leadership in biofuels that Shell's biofuels customers around the world have come to consistently trust Shell.

With the implementation of the Biofuels Act of 2006, Pilipinas Shell congratulates the Department of Energy for the advancement of the alternative fuels industry of the country. "Shell Diesoline Ultra with one percent biodiesel is our response to the growing need for alternative fuels and bringing the country closer to reducing dependence on imported fuels. More importantly, this will expand opportunities for livelihood in the countryside that can contribute to the nation's sustainable economic growth," Pilipinas Shell Country Chairman Edgar Chua said. "As such, we would like to congratulate the Philippine Government for this milestone in the local fuels industry," he further added.

Shell Diesoline Ultra with biodiesel is manufactured by the global leader in distributing biofuels and is now available for motorists at Shell Stations nationwide.