Diesel driving in the Philippines can now be seen in a different light with the introduction of the new Shell V-Power Diesel, the premium performance diesel fuel from Pilipinas Shell. First launched in Italy in 2002, Shell V-Power Diesel is now sold in approximately 8,000 forecourts in 24 countries, helping customers get improved performance for their diesel-fed vehicles.

"Shell V-Power Diesel, developed in Shell laboratories across the globe, demonstrates our leadership in fuels innovation. It's part of our ongoing mission to help customers get the most from their fuel," said Rona Rodriguez-Baes, Pilipinas Shell Fuels Brand Manager.

With the recent rise in popularity of diesel-powered vehicles in the country, the unveiling of Shell V-Power Diesel is timely, driven mainly by improvements in engine and fuel performance. The new fuel conforms to higher emissions standards and contains lower sulphur, which prolongs engine and fuel system life and improves performance and efficiency with a higher cetane index.

"Shell has always been dedicated to providing products and services designed to meet customer needs. We found out that some drivers, in addition to looking for a fuel that maintains the engine in top condition, also wanted a more rewarding driving experience. Shell V-Power Diesel was developed to meet these customer needs," says Shell General Manager for Retail Bong Fadullon.

Over time, deposits can build up in diesel fuel injection systems, reducing combustion efficiency and engine power. To sustain great performance, it is critical that these extremely precise and sophisticated parts of the engine are kept in top condition. Shell V-Power Diesel, with its unique formulation, is designed to help remove and prevent the build-up of such deposits, helping your car's engine deliver its full potential.

The technology behind Shell V-Power Diesel has been proven not only on the road but also on the racetrack. In June 2006, Shell and Audi Sport made motorsport history as Shell V-Power Diesel powered the Audi R10 TDI to victory in the world famous 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race. Shell and Audi Sport clinched the victory again in 2007 and in 2008 becoming the only diesel-powered car to win the race three consecutive times.

"At Shell, we know that all fuels are not the same and, thanks to our extensive research and development program, every drop of Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to help your diesel car achieve its performance potential," said Eric Holthusen, Shell Fuels Technology Manager.