Pilipinas Shell launches FuelSave Target One Million


Helping the environment while saving through better efficiency

Pilipinas Shell has just launched a new campaign to help boost awareness for better, more fuel efficient driving with the Philippine component of Target One Million.

Shell Target One Million is a Shell FuelSave campaign to help one million motorists all over the world to drive more efficiently and save fuel. As the name states, Shell is aiming for 1 million participants from all over the world to sign up on their microsite to inspire fuel efficient driving habits.

By logging on to their site, participants can take part in the new campaign with interactive games and numerous tips to facilitate a more fuel efficient motoring lifestyle.

Some of Shell's top fuel saving tips include avoiding excessive idling, using higher gears, smooth driving, avoid excessive revving, avoiding high speeds and planning trips carefully. For more information, visit www.shell.com.ph/targetonemillion

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