Eurobrands Distributor, Inc., official distributor of Peugeot in the Philippines, showed some adrenaline in its DNA with the display of the two sport models at the Philippine International Motor Show.

“Motorsports is not only our passion, it's in our DNA. In the span of more than three decades, we have produced some of the best rally and sports racing cars the industry has ever seen,” said Glen Dasig, president of Peugeot Philippines.

In celebration of the automaker's motorsports heritage, they revealed two custom-built Peugeot 208 GTIs. Pictured above is the Peugeot 208 GTI, bearing a body kit and livery inspired by the 208 T16 Pikes Peak. T16 stands for Turbocharged and 16-valves.

Its inspiration, the 208 T16 Pikes Peak is a milestone vehicle for Peugeot in many ways. First off, it marks Peugeot's long awaited return to the famed race, the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, also known as the Race to the clouds, after 24 years. The Pikes Peak Hillclimb is a particularly gruelling challenge, with a course that measures 19.99-km with 156 turns, climbing up to 4,720 ft (1,440 m) from the start at Mile 7 on Pikes Peak Highway, to the finish at 14,110 ft (4,300 m), on grades averaging 7.2% elevation. The mix of asphalt and gravel, as well as the dwindling air pressure presented added challenges for cars and drivers, forcing them to adjust to the changing conditions as they go higher.

Side profile of the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak

Peugeot first joined Pikes Peak in 1987 with the 205 Tubro 16, coming in second. Later in 1988 and 1989, the 405 Turbo 16 won two consecutive years. In 2013, Peugeot marked its return to Pikes Peak with the 208 T16.

The vehicle featured light weight construction, weighing just 875 kg (1,929 lb), with propulsion from a 3.2-liter twin-turbo V6 engine producing a total output of 899 PS in the Unlimited class. On June 30, 2013, Sébastien Loeb used the 208 T16 to break Rhys Millen's record time of 8:57.118 set in 2012 with the electric e0 PP100. This is also the first time the entire Pikes Peak course has been fully paved. Some may point out that the time of 7:38.900 set by Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima in the Suzuki Sport in 2006 was faster. This was set, however, on the shortened course.

Peugeot's replica pays appropriate homage, bearing the characteristic large chin and tail spoilers needed to generate the high downforce required to keep the cars on the road at higher elevations and lower air pressures. It also bears the distinctive Total and Red Bull livery. On the hood, triangular shapes have been painted black to resemble the hood exhaust vents of the actual race car.