The verstatile mini-truck from Suzuki gets a new motor after the automaker revealed the new Super Carry DDis. The new Super Carry is now powered by a small yet capable 0.8-liter turbo-diesel which Suzuki claimed will deliver superior fuel economy.

Called the E08A, the direct injected Euro4 engine is the same motor found in the diesel-spec Celerio in India. The two-cylinder engine displaces 793cc and benefits from a compact fuel distributor and turbocharger. For its application in the Super Carry, Suzuki detuned the engine to put out 32 PS @ 3600 rpm and 75 Nm of torque @ 2000 rpm. (The Celerio diesel produces 48 PS and 125 Nm of torque).

Power is then transferred to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox.

Suzuki Carry rear quarter

In terms of size, the Suzuki Carry now measures 3,800mm long, 1,562mm wide and 1,863mm tall. It also has a 2,110mm wheelbase and a curb weight of 865kg. Maximum payload capacity is rated at 735kg.

It has a rear opening tailgate that opens up a cargo bed that measures 2,183mm long, 1,488mm wide and 300mm tall. Minimum turning radius is at 4.3m while minimum ground clearance is at 175mm.

Suzuki will begin selling the truck version of the new Super Carry soon. Pricing, however has not yet been announced.