Pininfarina pens Sedan, SUV sketches for new Vietnamese carmaker


Upstart Vietnamese automaker commissions work from Italian design house

While Italian design house Pininfarina is synonymous to classic styling of Ferraris from half a century ago, they’ve gone to accept many other projects from other manufacturers as well. Today, they’ve accepted a $5 million contract to design a sedan and an SUV from an upstart manufacturer from Vietnam.

Known as Vinfast, the Vietnamese carmaker have finalized their contract with the Italian design studio to pen their upcoming sedan and SUV models. Judging from the renderings, Pininfarina are trying to pin down the face of the brand by having a prominent V-shaped light pattern down towards the middle of the grill. Considering that the project is in its infancy, the rest of the vehicle sketches are still somewhat basic apart from a few bodylines to dictate the car’s overall shape.


Vinfast is headed by Vietnamese billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong and his Vingroup consortium. Launched in September 2017, the company has since begun constructing factories around the country. The consortium plans to inject $1.5 billion into development for upcoming vehicles, with plans to sell 500,500 vehicles by 2025. Vinfast intends to roll out their first models by the Paris Motor Show in 2018.


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