With SEMA being primarily focused on the automotive aftermarket and modification, it’s no surprise that Pirelli showed up with new offerings to add to the infinite options available for tires. This year, they’ve unveiled a new version of their Scorpion all-terrain tire suited for pickups and SUVs geared towards off-roading.

Pirelli debuts all-new Scorpion All-Terrain Plus tire at SEMA

Dubbed the Scorpion All-Terrain Plus, Pirelli’s new tire offers the best of both worlds by providing maximum performance off-road while maintaining the proper qualities of a regular street tire. Comparing it to the outgoing Scorpion ATR, the All-Terrain Plus sports a more aggressive tread pattern, lending itself to better performance on challenging terrain – not to mention having a better look overall.

Since this is an offroad tire, the All-Terrain Plus features deep tread blocks that have conical stone ejectors along the grooves. It then pretty much acts as a self-cleaning tire that removes tiny rocks as you roll.

Pirelli debuts all-new Scorpion All-Terrain Plus tire at SEMA

The rubber compound used for the Scorpion All-Terrain Plus is new as well. Paired with the new tread, the compound allows for better durability and traction an all surfaces. Comfort on the road was not sacrificed to achieve this level of performance as the Scorpion All-Terrain Plus will still have minimal road noise at cruising speeds.

The Pirelli Scorpion All-Terrain Plus will have 16, 17, 18, and 20-inch applications for various vehicles. Availability outside North America has yet to be announced.