Italian tire manufacturer and official F1 tire supplier, Pirelli is strengthening its presence in the Philippine market with the launch of new tires and the opening of its first dedicated Pirelli Performance Center in the country.

P Zero

The Pirelli P Zero

To meet the growing demand for performance, reliability and safety, and to reinforce Pirelli’s Perfect Fit strategy, which means a made-to-measure tyre for each model of car, the tire maker is now offering its prestigious P Zero line in the Philippines.

The performance tire line represents the highest standard in materials and compound, R&D technology, as well as production process, manufactured in Pirelli’s Yanzhou Plant.

According to Pirelli, P Zero tires guarantee maximum stability even at the highest speeds thanks to the F1 Bead technology within the P Zero directly derived from Formula One, utilising an especially rigid compound within the bead area that allows a more rapid and precise steering response, avoiding any unexpected loss of lateral grip. As a result, tire behaviour is more linear and predictable, with performance limits reached in a gradual way.

Besides reliable and predictable performance, Pirelli also talked about the P Zero’s other features like a flatter footprint, thanks to its Extended Range Profile for longer tire life; more tread pattern grooves and deeper and wider channels for better grip in the wet; reduced noise, and 15% less rolling resistance.

Besides being homologated for 60 performance cars as the OEN, the P Zero is divided into three lines; one for sporting cars, another for saloon cars, and a final variant closer to a slick tire, created for the new P Zero Corsa.

Dragon Sport

The Pirelli Dragon Sport

To address the specific needs of the ASEAN market and its unique conditions, Pirelli offers the new Dragon Sport tire, fully developed and manufactured in the Pirelli Yanzhou plant.

The Dragon Sport is a summer tire, specifically developed for sports performance driving in dry conditions as well as wet and dry braking. It has also been engineered with weight-reduction-enabled gas mileage performance.

The Dragon Sport adopts a UHP compound which creates a better balance between rolling resistance, sports driving and safety performance. This is also intended to reduce tire weight to bring comfort improvements without compromising strength requirements.

The tire contour was also optimized to improve the contact area of the tire tread and the road surface, producing a more squared footprint for a more regular wearing profile.

Its external shoulder rib has transversal grooves that improve traction and braking performance, while also avoiding heat generation. Finally, four broader grooves allow it to disperse water rapidly.

The Dragon Sport is available in 16 size ranges, from 17”-20”, with widths from 215-275, with more range extensions under evaluation the following seasons. The current range can cover mid-range and synergic vehicles.

The Pirelli Performance Center

Pirelli Performance Center

Finally, these tires can be fitted at Pirelli’s new dedicated Performance Center at 78 Kamuning Road, Quezon City. The facility is owned and operated by Multitract Tires Inc. The facility features the complete range of Pirelli performance tires, as well as offers services like Perfect Fit, tire mounting and balancing as well as alignment.