PLDT recently introduced the F.A.S.Track vehicle tracking solutions for those looking for a way to cut on operational costs for your business, safeguard the precious beauties parked inside their garage, or simply track family members as they go about their daily lives. It is a GPS-based tracking solution offered by PLDT and is part of their PLDT SME Nation Business Productivity Solutions Suite.

PLDT invited us together with other members of the motoring media to the PLDT F.A.S.Track media drive for us to have a first hand experience on how versatile the PLDT F.A.S.Track is. After a short introduction on the product, each of us were assigned with our partner, a F.A.S.Track equipped vehicle, and a PLDT product specialist, afterwhich we were asked to draw out of a fishbowl the route that we should take on our way to Tagaytay. Out of the three possible routes(SLEX, Daang Hari, and Coastal Road) me and my co-driver Steven Yu of Power Wheels Magazine was tasked to tasked to take the Coastal Road-Aguinaldo Highway on our way to Tagaytay. Luckily, Steven used to live in Cavite and is quite familiar with the route.

As if the route that we were about to tackle isn't time consuming enough already, our team was apprehended by traffic enforcers right after our team passed by Makati to get to EDSA. We were apprehended by a traffic enforcer for the violation of the number coding scheme. It took quite some time for the enforcer to understand that we were conducting a media drive and finally allowed us to get to EDSA.

At the moment that this was happening and all throughout the almost three hour long trip, we hopelessly watch from the PLDT F.A.S.Track website on what route the other teams are taking and how far they are from us already. By leaving the starting point late and having to take the longest route, we have already accepted the reality that we will be the last one to arrive at our destination in Tagaytay. As a way to entertain ourselves during the times that we were stuck in traffic, we threw our questions about the F.A.S.Track to the product specialist and asked him to show us its features. I was quite amazed on how many kind of alerts and notifications that you can set/recieve right from PLDT's website, some of it that we were able to experience first hand are the overspeeding alert, where all of the teams exceeded the maximum speed(80kph) that was set by PLDT and the geofence alert where you can create multiple “virtual fences” and receive a notification when the tracker goes out or in a certain geofence. Some other alerts and features that the F.A.S.Track has is the Power Cut Alert, Impact Alert, SOS Alert, Engine Immobilizer, and the Motion Alert.

As we reached the destination in Tagaytay, Niño Nanquil, PLDT SME Nation Head for Productivity Solutions, together with other members of the motoring media was already reviewing the routes that each of them took, if they followed the designated route, which vehicles exceeded the speed limit set by PLDT, how many and how long were the stop overs made.

PLDT F.A.S.Track Device

“SME’s looking for an effective tool to monitor their business assets and resources will find that F.A.S.Track Online is an ideal solution to effectively manage their operations,” said PLDT SME Nation VP and Head Kat Luna-Abelarde. “This means significant cost-savings on their overhead and reliable transport and courier services, particularly on fuel consumption and maintenance of vehicles. This results in customer satisfaction, operational efficiencies and process improvements, and effective utilization of manpower.”

PLDT currently offers four variants of the F.A.S.Track devices, the Standard Tracker, the most basic tracking device; Covert Tracker, a very small light-weigh device designed for mobile personnel or packages; Motorcycle Tracker, is a small and water-proof device that can be outfitted with an engine immobilizer; and the Heavy Duty Tracker, that is designed for heavy machineries and other vehicles that needs the engine-immobilizer, SOS Panic Button, Fuel Sensor, Door Sensor, and Temperature sensor features.

So aside from following your fleet of trucks and/or service vehicles or calling your family members just to get updated on their location and status, you might want to consider availing the service that PLDT F.A.S.Track offers.