In line with the Aquino administration’s goal of ramping up infrastructure growth and ensuring the efficient delivery of government services, the Department of Budget and Management approved the release of P2.01 billion to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for the installation of road safety devices and the preventive maintenance of national roads in the country.

“Besides sustaining our spending performance for infrastructure and economic development, this fund release will also go a long way in improving road conditions for motorists. The continued implementation of infrastructure and road projects is even more crucial now, especially because the reopening of schools and the rainy season are just a month away,” Budget and Management Secretary Florencio B. Abad said.

Of the P2.01 billion released to the DPWH, a total of P1.81 billion will cover the preventive maintenance of 474.14 kilometers of national roads. The funds will be charged against the Special Road Support Fund under the Motor Vehicle User’s Charge (MVUC) Act.

The remaining P206 million will be used for the installation, application, and construction of road safety devices along national roads, chargeable against the Special Road Safety Fund under the MVUC Act.

“The Aquino administration’s active implementation of road maintenance projects will help bring immediate and long-term benefits to our country’s road users, many of whom need to have better and easier access to schools, hospitals, market centers, tourism spots, and other strategic places of activity,” Abad said.

“At the same time, we cannot deny the devastating social and economic impact effected by road accidents, including the loss of life and damage to public and private property. The road safety devices that will be put in place will certainly minimize the likelihood of road accidents for our motorists. Itinutupad lamang ng Administrasyong Aquino ang pangako nitong diretso sa taong-bayan ang benepisyo ng bawat proyekto,” he added.

Abad confirmed that for 2012, the DPWH will continue to prioritize road asset preservation programs, traffic decongestion initiatives in Metro Manila and other urban areas, enhanced infrastructure support  for tourism destinations and other access points, as well as flood control and convergence programs with the National Irrigation Agency and Department of Agriculture.

Other DPWH priority areas for the currenty year are the completion of ongoing or unfinished projects, as well as the reinforcement and upgrading of  all national bridges, and the replacement of temporary bridges with permanent structures.