Make sure your vehicles are safe and secure before you retire for the night.

That is the warning of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to the motoring public as new data gathered shows that out of the 295 incidents of car theft and carjacking from January 5 to May 24 of this year, 183 or 63% happened from 12:01AM until 8AM.

In order to deter would-be car thieves, the PNP is asking the public to always lock their vehicles and park it in a safe and secure area that is well lit. The installation of security devices like car alarms and steering wheel locks will also add an extra layer of protection.

For their part, the PNP plans to increase their efforts in preventing cases of carjacking especially at night by adding more personnel, including barangay tanods, patrolling various areas in Metro Manila.

The PNP’s implementation of Lambat-Sibat anti-criminality drive has already lessened the incidents of auto theft from an average of 39 incidents per week in December 2013 to June 2014 to only 14 per week since the start of 2015 until May 31.