Taking Balintawak? Find another route if you can

As if the past weekend’s rains, floods, and today’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) aren’t bad enough, motorists were greeted to a grinding halt at NLEX today. According to NLEX Corporation, there’s now (as of 1 hour ago) a 15.5-kilometer build-up at Balintawak Southbound. The cause: an ongoing PNP Checkpoint at the Libis Baesa area.

There are probably a lot of reasons for the traffic jam, but there are two that immediately come to mind. First is the fact that the middle lane of Mindanao Avenue to NLEX Harbor Link Interchange is closed. This is scheduled from 8:00 AM – 11:59 PM today.

As for the second reason, the checkpoint might be because of the aforementioned SONA. With protesters gathering in different areas, and with the safety of the President of utmost priority, vehicles traversing Northbound may be of interest to the police. Quite the hassle, but again, safety (of the President) first, right?

Regarding the checkpoints, NLEX commented on a social media post that checkpoints are being temporarily halted due to rain. Some areas may have better traffic flow, but the build-up is still until Bocaue. We can only assume that once checkpoints are in full swing, motorists will be in for a long journey going North.

While there was an advisory on NLEX’s social media about the lane closure, another one that could’ve given motorists a heads up about the checkpoints could have saved a lot of people time, trouble, and the hassle of getting stuck in a traffic jam.

We empathize with everyone. Until traffic improves, please do your best to keep your cool and not let tempers flare. That’s definitely not going to get you and everyone else anywhere.