Change is coming on EDSA as the Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa ordered the PNP-Highway Patrol Group (HPG) to intensify its efforts in preventing crime and implementing traffic rules and regulations on EDSA.

As per orders by Dela Rosa, the PNP-HPG is to increase its presence on EDSA to avert or at the very least lessen the incidents of crime in the along the 23.8-kilometer highway.

”Dapat walang krimen, kidnapping along EDSA at kampante EDSA na walang krimen nangyayari. Bantayan lang ninyo,” said Dela Rosa.

[There shouldn’t be any crime or kidnapping along EDSA and EDSA should be safe knowing that no crime is going to happen. Just watch over it carefully.]

The PNP-HPG was also reminded to not be intimidated by rich motorists or even politicians who commit traffic violations.

"Kapag winawalangya kayo sa EDSA stand your ground at kapag kayo binabastos ng mayaman wag kayo matakot. Huwag kayo magpaintimidate sa mga siga. Kayo ang siga sa EDSA. Kahit sinong pulitiko. Walang personalan," added Dela Rosa.

[If they are abusing you on EDSA, stand your ground and don’t be afraid. Don’t let bullies intimidate you. You should be the bullies on EDSA. It doesn’t matter which politician and they shouldn’t take it personally.]

Dela Rosa also asked motorists to continue taking videos of cops in order to prevent incidents of extortion.

PNP-HPG head Sr. Supt. Antonio Gardiola also called his men to ‘bring back the glory days of the HPG’ and added that more policemen will be deployed on EDSA for road safety and security.