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PNP-HPG mods their Mitsubishi Montero Sport for all-terrain operations


Montero-based MPPV customized for HPG and rescue operations

You may want to move aside if you see one of these Montero Sport vehicles of PNP.

The Highway Patrol Group, the specialized unit of the Philippine National Police that deals with law enforcement on the road, has just revealed their new Multi-Purpose Patrol Vehicle or MPPV. The MPPV they showed during the 63rd Founding Anniversary of the HPG at the PNP National Headquarters is based on a Mitsubishi Montero Sport; one of the units donated by the Japanese government to the PNP.


The HPG had the vehicle modified by A-toy Customs 4x4 to suit their operational requirements, particularly with enhancing the off-road capabilities in order to apprehend suspects and assist in search and rescue operations with other government agencies.

The modifications include a steel bumper, stepboards with matching handles on the roof rack, a lift kit for extra ground clearance and a snorkel to be able to respond even in floods, as well as new wheels and all-terrain tires for better traction. The HPG specified the steel bumper for pursuit intervention technique (PIT) maneuvers. Other external modifications include accessories such as more powerful foglights (the HPG specified that they be pointed 30 degrees downward for safety), a winch for recovery operations, and even a roof-mounted CCTV camera. 

Inside, the HPG equipped the vehicle to suit their daily operations and then some. The MPPV comes with a laptop for verifying motor vehicle registrations, radio communications, a multi-purpose compartment in the trunk with common first responder/live-saving equipment, a long firearms rack with a lock, ballistic vests, a fire extinguisher, collapsible traffic cones, and even a ladder for responding to hostage situations... like on a bus. The vehicle also comes equipped with a suspect restraint system with a cage that separates the front and the back row.

The MPPV is still the prototype of the PNP-HPG, but eventually another three of their Montero Sport patrol vehicles will be retrofitted to MPPV standards, bringing the total to 4.

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