Don't be surprised if your local auto repair shops start requesting your vehicle's OR/CR. The Philippine National Police – Highway Patrol Group (PNP) recently warned motor vehicle shop owners that they could be liable to aiding criminals that have stolen vehicles.

According to Police Colonel Bernard Pelaez, Regional Chief of PNP-HPG, any vehicle owner that wishes to have their cars fixed/worked on, need to show the vehicle's OR/CR to prove that the car is not stolen. Pelaez said that there are times that shop owners did not know that the vehicle they're repairing was actually carjacked or under alarm by the PNP-HPG.

Under the Presidential Decree No. 1612 or the Anti-Fencing Law of 1979, and the Anti-Carnapping Act, a car shop owner that repairs stolen vehicle can be charged in aiding criminals that brought stolen cars to be repaired.

Should a motor vehicle shop owner be found guilty of aiding a criminal that had a stolen vehicle, they can face penalties under the Revised Penal Code. Fencing penalties will be based on a motor vehicle shop's property value.

Some shop owners and even vehicle owners might find this extra step a hassle. This is especially true for cars that have not had their ownership papers transferred just yet. But, it's not that hard to ask/show a copy of the OR/CR. The last thing you want to do is end up in jail or face penalties for accidentally working on a car that has been stolen.

Source: 102.9 Brigada News