The PNP Highway Patrol Group (HPG) will now be able to easily file traffic accident reports with the use of a new Android-based app that can be accessed on a smartphone. Called the Police Accident Report Kit (PARAK), the said application will enable HPG officers to fully document a vehicular accident with text, images and even the signatures of the individuals involved.

HPG Director Chief Supt. Arnold Gunnacao stated that this will ease traffic flow especially congested roads as officers would be able to easily send the report not only to the HPG, but to insurance companies that also require this type of information.

Using the PARAK is fairly easy added Gunacao as a traffic enforcer only has to open the app and gather the necessary information needed for an accident and insurance report.

The new smartphones with the PARAK app installed

Developed by Galileo Software Inc, which is headed by Rodolfo 'Jun' Lozada (the whistleblower in the controversial NBN-ZTE Deal), Lozada's company along with a partnered telco donated eight tablets that have the PARAK app installed to HPG.

In addition, Gunnacao also requested that Galileo Software Inc make a similar PARAK software that can be used by civilians so they can also record traffic accidents should there be no traffic enforcers or investigators nearby. Also, the use of the new PARAK app will reduce filing of accident reports from 10 minutes to just 4 minutes.