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PNP informs the public on proper checkpoint guidelines


Dos and Don'ts in a police checkpoint

The PNP recently released a list of checkpoint guidleines so that the general public may be informed whether or not the police checkpoints in your area are legitimate and following their standard operating procedures. The advisory will also serve as a warning to erring law enforcers and eliminate illegal checkpoints.

According to the PNP, the public advisory will help guide motorists on how to deal with authorities at checkpoints and ensure its implementation on proper searches and seizures to avoid violation of human rights.

"As the promotion of right-based policing becomes a focal point in the agenda of the PNP leadership, the conduct of police or law enforcement must be in compliance with human rights standard," said PNP Chief Nicanor A. Bartolome.


The PNP Chief, Police Director General Nicanor A Bartolome reiterated strict compliance on the proper conduct of checkpoints. Following are the rules on military/police checkpoints:

Along with these guidelines the PNP and the Department of Justice, initiated a joint reform of a "no tint" or "clear window" policy among marked police vehicles and similar official vehicles to help boost the confidence of the community on authorities. The policy promotes accountability in governance and may also place an inherent check on scalawags.

In some rare instances though the police are authorized to conduct a thorough search of you and your vehicle if:

If ever you passed by a checkpoint and are required a thorough inspection of you and your vehicle for the reasons mentioned above, make sure that you inspect the warrant(if ever there is one presented) for its authenticity and have a witness ready before you allow the police to do a search on you or your vehicle.

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