Polaris has just revealed its latest vehicle that's been tailored for the military. Called the MRZR-D4, it is a four-seater all-terrain vehicle (ATV) that can serve multiple roles and can be fitted with a wide array of equipment.

Built for the rough stuff, the MRZR-D4 has a rigid and simple body construction that features a modular cargo system. With it, the ATV can function as a mini ambulance wherein it can hold 2 litters, or haul long cargo. On normal conditions, the cargo bed can also fit 2 rearward facing sits for additional personnel carrying capabilities. Running boards can also be installed as an option, allowing the ATV to hold up to 2 people per side.

The Polaris MRZR-D4 in action 

Also worth noting is the MRZR-D4's ability to carry loads of extra equipment. It is capable of carrying four spare tires and four jerry cans, which can be placed in various locations around the vehicle. When faced with low height clearances, its roll cage can be collapsed easily for better maneuvering and easier transportation. In fact, Polaris claimed it can fit inside the V-22 Osprey.

Size-wise, it measures 3,556mm long, 1,511mm wide and 1,874mm tall (1,524mm with roll cage down). Also, it has a 2,718mm wheelbase, payload capacity of 680 kg, a 36-liter fuel tank and a 305mm ground clearance. Total curb weight comes in at 953 kg.

The Polaris MRZR-D4 in stock form

Providing grunt is a 1.0-liter SOHC three-cylinder turbo-diesel that is mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). It puts out 89 PS and can tow up to 680 kg of cargo. It is fitted with Polaris' On-Demand True AWD system which automatically sends power to all four wheels if necessary. It then reverts back to 2WD on normal driving conditions. An integrated alternator allows the vehicle to provide auxiliary power while simultaneously powering the ATV's main systems. Stopping power is provided by 4-wheel disc brakes.