Since Polestar effectively became Volvo’s official tuning arm last year, they’ve churned out edgy performance variants of Volvo models such as the S60 and V60. Aside from making standalone high-performance models however, part of Polestar’s commitment to Volvo is to optimize the performance of their current lineup of vehicles. To start this off, the Polestar Performance Optimization program will provide extra grunt to the D5 diesel powerplant found in the new S90 sedan and the V90 wagon.

Unlike the complete transformation of the S60 and V60 Polestars, the modifications intended for the S90 and V90 are mostly centered towards improvements in the drivetrain. The engine itself only sees minor tweaks with a slight increase to 243 PS and 500 nM of torque, a 5 PS and 20 nM improvement over factory specifications.

The Volvo S90 D5 Polestar

Volvo claimed that the improvements were geared towards improving drivability in the middle of the rev range instead of increasing outright power. That said, when dealers install this package, owners should feel an improvement in throttle response and a more responsive transmission that allows for holding longer gears and has faster shift times.

The aforementioned modifications shorten the S90 and V90’s 0-100 km/h times by a tenth of a second, bringing the S90 to 6.9 seconds and the V90 to 7.0 seconds flat. Emmissions and fuel efficiency should not be affected by changes performed with this package.

The Volvo V90 D5 Polestar

The Polestar Performance Optimization package for the S90 and V90 will be available in markets across Europe, Asia, and Africa. Prices for the package may vary from market to market, but a rough estimate would be 830 pounds (Php 56,870) in the UK including installation and taxes. Later this year, Polestar will reveal a package similar to this for the T5 2.0L gasoline turbo four-cylinder.