For the longest time, Polestar only sold their vehicles in three markets – Europe, North America, and China. But soon, that will change as the all-electric brand expands its market footprint. The company recently announced that it will be entering five new markets in the Asia-Pacific region this 2021. By the end of the year, the EV manufacturer hopes to be selling their vehicles in 18 markets globally.

Polestar will soon sell EVs in Asia-Pacific region image

“The brand is gathering real momentum, and it is great to be expanding with Polestar 2 beyond our initial global markets in China, North America, and Europe,” says Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar.

The five new markets in the Asia-Pacific region include South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. Preparations for the brand's launch have already begun, and are currently at different stages says Polestar. Similar to Europe, the brand plans to offer the online sale of vehicles in said markets. Local independent Polestar sales units are being established as well. In South Korea and Australia, new Managing Directors have already been appointed.

Polestar adds that “other markets will likely be operated on an importer basis, with local partners to be confirmed in due course”.

Polestar will soon sell EVs in Asia-Pacific region image

“Specific roll-out timing is at an advanced planning stage and the recruitment of key individuals has begun,” comments Nathan Forshaw, Polestar’s new head of the China and the Asia Pacific regions. “While we are growing rapidly, we are ensuring both our organization and processes ensure a consistent and truly Polestar experience for our customers, wherever they are based.”

There is no mention of the Philippines, and whether or not Polestar will be arriving in the country. However, the local arrival of Polestar isn't impossible. In the press release, it says “Polestar is an independent company and will not be operated by existing local Volvo Cars enterprises. However, Volvo Cars enterprises in these markets may assist in the establishment of the brand, as well as with the service and maintenance of Polestar vehicles”.

Polestar will soon sell EVs in Asia-Pacific region image

So if you're interested in a Polestar ever since the hero car of Need For Speed: Heat was revealed, there is still a chance to buy one. A slim chance, but it's better than nothing.