Do you remember the Huracan that Lamborghini gifted to Pope Francis? Yes, you're right, it's farfetched that the pontiff himself will be driving it; so instead, it was auctioned of for charity.

Last November, the Italian supercar maker made a one-of-one Huracan clad in white and gold – the colors of the Vatican - and carried out a public presentation to the church leader. It is also worth mentioning that this is a RWD version of the Huracan. If and how Lamborghini thought that a hardcore supercar would be right up Papa Francisco's alley, we might never know. It would have been a real sight to see it being driven around but of course, this was never meant to happen. Instead, and unsurprisingly, the Pope announced that it will be sold at auction, and the proceeds of which will go to charity. Half a year hence, the papal Lambo went on the block courtesy of RM Sothesby and sold for 715,000 euros, which equates to around $857,000.

Sure, these cars sell for a lot less than that sum, but if you think about it, can you really put a price on a Lamborghini owned, signed, and blessed by the Pope himself? And besides, the proceeds are going to around four charities anyway.

Maybe the Pope should give his blessings to the auction winner, too.