Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery has always been a phrase tossed around countless times, but when it comes to the issue of replica parts and knockoffs, it’s anything but. No one knows that now better than Car Craft Boon/Osaka JDM.

Several weeks ago Kazuhiro Furukawa, the man behind Car Craft Boon Co./Osaka JDM approached Team A Motorsports (the local carrier of their parts) with a tip that there is a shop in Manila creating knockoff windshield visors of the Osaka JDM brand. Upon further investigation by Team A it was confirmed that a shop going by the name of GotSpeed Motorworks has been reproducing these visors and selling them for a profit without authorization from CCB.

Car Craft Boon Co./Osaka JDM is a renowned shop in Japan that specializes in Hondas from the late 80’s to mid 90’s. Their signature lineup of parts can be acquired locally only through dealers affiliated with Team A Motorsports, namely HP Racing and Sushi Machine.

After Team A did a more thorough search, they also discovered that the the Honda Civic EF made by GotSpeed is a direct copy of one of the demo vehicles created by Car Craft Boon and featured by Import Tuner Magazine.

The photo above shows the Civic featured on an international publication as well as the copy car built by GotSpeed as covered on a local magazine with the signature Osaka JDM rear wing, the wheels and the same shade of red. The GotSpeed Civic appears to be a carbon copy of the original car from Japan, though Car Craft Boon says none of those parts were ever purchased from them.

"Car Craft Boon would like to warn the Filipino car enthusiasts against counterfeited products,” said Furukawa told “These products do not conform to our standards or what Car Craft Boon and Osaka JDM stand for."

After having harsh words with each other over social media, it appears both parties are no longer speaking to each other.

We reached out to GotSpeed Motorsports for a comment on the matter. Here is their reply translated to English.

“The only reason why we copied their visors is because they are my idols,” said Ice of GotSpeed Motor Works to “I even sent them a private message before to personally buy visors though no one answered me. A friend of mine gave me a visor and so I gave a few other friends copies because they also liked it.”

“What more do they want?,” continued Ice of GotSpeed. “We're not out to pick a fight, which why we respected the request of Osaka JDM and I had the visors removed with our group.”

What do you think about fakes parts and accessories?