While Porsche may be known for building high performance cars and SUVs, the automaker is also currently working on electrifiying models in their line up as well as their first ever electric vehicle, the Mission E. In fact, it seems as though the Stuttgart-based automaker wants to further their push for electrification as based on their latest announcement.

Porsche has recently announced that they will be investing more than 6 billion euros ($7.5 billion US) on electrification by 2022, double than what they originally planned. Specifically, most of the investments will be used in the electrifying Porsche's entire model line up, development of future hybrid, fully-electric vehicles, and technology.

Aside from the upcoming vehicles, Porsche will also be investing in new facilities such as the new paint shop in Zuffenhausen, which will also complete assembly of the upcoming Mission E. The automaker will have a conveyer built to transport painted body and drive units to the area. This would also allow it to have room for extra production should there be extra demand. Furture plans also include the expansion of their engine plant to accommodate the manufacturing of electric drives.

Speaking of the Mission E, expect additional versions of Porsche's first fully electric vehicle to be developed as well. Currently, the Mission E will have 600 PS on tap and will do 0-100km/h in just 3.5 seconds. Range is rated at 500 km under the New European Driving Cycle test. It also only takes 15mins to charge up to 400km of range.