Eager to get your hands on an all-new Porsche 911 but also want to see just how it's built? The Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer is now letting customers witness how their cars are made thanks to a new online feature.

And we're not referring to a general documentary: You can watch the actual Porsche you ordered being made, personalization options and all.

Under the 'My Porsche' online platform, customers waiting for the arrival of their 911 are now able to see just how their model is produced via the new 'Behind The Scenes' function. With it, customers can follow how their personal car is being built step-by-step. The company has already installed cameras at two relevant stations at the Zuffenhausen factory which can cater to both 911 and 718 customers. In the future, Porsche will add two more cameras for customers to use.

“With ‘Behind the Scenes’, we are bringing production to life for our customers. We produce highly personalized and fascinating sports cars every day in our main factory. The motivation for this is provided by our customers from all over the world. The success factor is our employees, who make customer dreams come true with perfection and passion. Allowing this behind-the-scenes insight creates an obligation for us, but also serves as a source of motivation,” said Christian Ferdi, Head of the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen.

Porsche lets customers observe their cars being built online image

For Robert Ader, vice president for customer relations at Porsche, giving customers the ability to see how their car is made from start to finish is a highly personalized experience. “Our customers can now experience live how their individually configured dream car is being built – this will increase the sense of anticipation even more,” added Ader.

The new 'Behind The Scenes' program will be first made available to customers in the US, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland, and Spain. Other countries around the world will follow suit in the coming months. As to when the Philippine customers will be able to get to use this service, they will have to patiently wait until Porsche officially rolls out the new feature to local customers.

The waiting period for getting an all-new Porsche 911 may be long, but at least you will soon get to see just how your personal 911 is actually assembled and built at Stuttgart. Perhaps soon they might even offer virtual reality features for a more personalized experience of your new 911.