If you live north of Metro Manila and you’re infatuated with vintage Porsches, well, you’re in for a treat this weekend. 

The second Gathering of Porsche Classics (GPC) is taking place up north; a grand get-together of sorts by vintage and classic Porsche aficionados from all around the country from February 21 to 24.

Porsche Classics

The event will be be centered in Clark, Pampanga where they will hold a series of track sessions at the Clark International Speedway. In the succeeding days, the event will take place on the road, visiting a variety of sights and points of interest along the way.

“It’s patterned after Rennsport reunion, a celebration of classic Porsches,” said Chris Tio, a well known classic car enthusiast and one of the key people of the event. “This year there will be Porsches from all over the country coming to Clark. There will be a track day as well as drives to Casiguran and Bataan.”

The first GPC took place in Iloilo in 2017, bringing together a variety of great classic Porsches like a 356 Cabriolet, a 911 Super Carrera, and all the way up to a 993 Turbo. The event saw participants spend several days enjoying their cars and company, all while traversing Iloilo’s great roads. This year’s GPC promises even more.

From Clark, the second GPC will head over to Subic and Bataan for a grand tour, visiting places like Anvaya Cove, the historic resort Las Casas de Acuzar, and even the Mt. Samat Shrine. On Friday, the group of classic Porsches will head over to Baler, Aurora, again visiting the many landmarks and notable sights in the region.

So, if you want to catch a glimpse of some pretty incredible cars that represent visceral driving thrills, head on over to the Clark parade grounds on Saturday afternoon for a free public viewing of the many amazing cars. Or you can wait for them as the zip by along the way.