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Porsche concludes production of first-gen Panamera


Marks the beginning of new-generation Panamera

The last first-generation Porsche Panamera has just rolled off the production line. This marks the seven-year production run of the brand's first sports saloon which ran from April 2009 up to August 2016.

“With the launch of the Panamera in 2009, we tapped into a completely new segment. The sports saloon has gone on to both define and inspire us,” said Dirk Kolar, director manufacturing at the Porsche plant in Leipzig.

The last first-gen Panamera is a blue GTS model which is driven by a 4.8-liter V8 pumping out 436 PS and 520 Nm of torque. The engine is then mated to a 7-speed PDK dual clutch transmission.


Eventually, the Panamera was not just popular in its own country, Germany, but as well as in USA and China selling more than half of this model in these countries. In total, Porsche sold 164,503 units of the first-gen Panamera.

The Panamera was not entirely made in Leipzig, Germany however. Its body shells were produced and painted in Hanover at the Volkswagen plant then sent to the Porsche plant in Saxony for its pre-assembly and final assembly.

As the first-generation Panamera bids farewell, Porsche is now set to produce the second generation of the Gran Turismo series which will be manufactured entirely at the Leipzig plant.

In line of the footsteps of the Porsche Cayenne and the limited edition Carrera GT, the Panamera becomes the third model to be manufactured in Leipzig followed by Macan.

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