Back in mid-2018, Porsche celebrated its 70th birthday by giving itself a pretty oddball present in the form of the 911 Speedster Concept. Based off a 991 GT3 chassis, the Speedster Concept was supposedly an open-top design study that combines all that made the original 356 Speedster the icon that it is together with contemporary Porsche technology. While the Speedster was merely a design exercise for Porsche at first, Stuttgart looks pretty keen to bring it into production – and they have.

Leaked from a party invite to select clients during the New York Auto Show later this week, an image of the 911 Speedster in production form has surfaced from sources at Carbuzz. Telling signs that this is the real deal is the background used for the studio photo – apparently, it is the same studio used for releases of the 2020 911 Coupe and Cabriolet, as well as the Panamera GTS and Macan S.

Porsche drops the ball on the 911 Speedster image

Looking back towards the specs of the Speedster Concept, we’re probably looking at a 911 Carerra 4 Cabrio body modified with bits like the bubble back cowl that’s signature to all Speedsters. As previously mentioned, the open-top body will likely sit on 911 GT3 underpinnings for optimum performance and reinforcement.

Considering the 911 Speedster will likely be a limited release model, we’re expecting production numbers to be less than 2,000 units, 1,948 to be exact – likely to coincide with the founding year of Porsche.