Porsche has a long history with Speedster models. Unlike the Targa or Cabriolet variants, the Speedster had an open-top design which made it stand out from the rest. In fact, the first ever Porsche produced, the 356, was also offered in an open-top Speedster variant – a model which is highly sought after today.  

Porsche goes retro with open-top 911 Speedster Concept

With the brand celebrating their 70 years this 2018, the Stuttgart-based automaker decided to add another member to the iconic Speedster line up.  Welcome the Porsche 911 Speedster Concept. 

The Speedster Concept is based on a current-generation 991.2 GT3. Much like its Speedster predecessors however, it also has its roof chopped off and the windshield positioned at a more aggressive angle. The rear seats have been deleted and replaced with the signature double-bubble cover that the previous 911 Speedsters had. No electric roof found here. Instead, a lightweight cover, which wasn’t pictured, do provide some sort of weather protection. 

Porsche goes retro with open-top 911 Speedster Concept

Apart from the open-top, Porsche also decided to give the Speedster Concept some retro designs similar to that of 356 Speedsters. The traditional side mirrors have been ditched in favor of a pair of chrome, Talbot style units. Meanwhile, the fuel filler cap has been moved to the center of the hood. It also sports a set of 21-inch Fuchs-style wheels coupled with a two-tone paint design to complete the throwback makeover. 

Porsche goes retro with open-top 911 Speedster Concept

Inside, Porsche has added full carbon fiber bucket seats mixed with light brown Aniline leather. To give it a more race car fee;, the navigation system, air-conditioning, and audio system has been ditched.  Under the hood lies the 4.0-liter flat-six of the 911 GT3 which produces 500 PS, and is coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. 

For now, Porsche the 911 Speedster is called a concept because they are still uncertain whether it will enter production. The company says the decision to produce the car will be made in the coming months.

We certainly hope they do.