From launching their first-ever electric car, the Taycan, to developing autonomous vehicles, the engineers over at Porsche sure have been busy as of late. The German automaker recently announced that they have started testing self-driving models at their workshop premises in Ludwigsburg. The fully-autonomous driving systems are currently being tested on a Porsche Cayenne.

Porsche is testing a self-driving Cayenne image

Now, before you Porsche purists line up at Stuttgart with pitchforks and torches, the company isn't making fully-autonomous vehicles for the road....well, not yet at least. Instead, the self-driving Cayenne is intended to showcase how autonomous driving can be used in Porsche workshops. Specifically, these autonomous vehicles being co-developed with Kopernikus Automotive can drive from their parking spots, to the lifting/servicing platform and back, all by themselves.

Rather than having to drive the vehicle from one spot to another, mechanics will be able to maneuver the vehicles by simply using a tablet. This makes it a lot more efficient for Porsche workshops to service vehicles rather than having mechanics get each vehicle, drive it to a service bay, and return it after.

Porsche is testing a self-driving Cayenne image

Unlike most autonomous driving technology seen today, Porsche is relying less on sensor intelligence. Instead, they are relying primarily on a “highly trained” artificial intelligence. The engineers over at Porsche and Kopernikus Automotive created a digital test site first where the AI trains and learns independently. After driving the digital world, they are then tested in real-world conditions as you can see in the video above.

Aside from being used at workshops, Porsche thinks that the technology can be used in other applications such as at ports, in logistics or even in car parks of the future. Though purists might hate the idea, it could even find itself onto fully self-driving cars. For now, Porsche's autonomous vehicle technology will mainly benefit its mechanics.