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Porsche officially heads to Gran Turismo Sport


The first Gran Turismo game to feature actual Porsches

For avid fans of the Gran Turismo series, there will always be an infinite amount of vehicles to choose from different manufacturers all over the world. However, there has always been one manufacturer that has always eluded the ever-popular racing simulator, Porsche.

The guys over at Polyphony, the developer behind Gran Turismo, used RUF, an independent manufacturer who uses Porsche-based vehicles. Those days are over as Porsche is officially coming to the latest version of the racing simulator in Gran Turismo Sport.


To announce the arrival of Porsche to the series, Gran Turismo recently released gameplay screenshots featuring the 911 GT3 RS. At the moment, only the 911 GT3 RS has been confirmed for Gran Turismo Sport. Other models could make their way in the game sometime in the future.

As for those wondering why it took this long for Porsche to be featured in the Gran Turismo series, Porsche initially had an exclusive licensing deal with Electronic Arts (EA Games), the studios behind Need for Speed, making the Porsche video game appearances scarce. Now that the contract has ended, Porsche can license their models to other developers, such as Gran Turismo.

Originally intended for release at the end of 2016, but as with most Gran Turismo games, GT Sports was pushed back with no updated release date. The series is currently running a closed beta program however, which could mean official release could be happening soon.  

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