Recharge your Taycan's battery in just 30 minutes

One of the biggest problems electric vehicle owners face in the Philippines is the lack of charging infrastructure. Aside from the ones offered at dealerships, there are limited charging stations in the country. Worse yet, they are not located near each other either. That leaves charging to be done at the owner's house via the overnight AC charger.

Porsche Philippines wants to change that by installing a new ultra-fast DC charger at their dealership.

Porsche PH now has a DC fast charger for the Taycan EV image

The company announced that they now have a high-powered DC charger for electric vehicles – the first of its type in the country – at their dealership located along EDSA Greenhills. The ultra-fast DC charger is identical to that used by Porsche in other markets worldwide. Just how fast is it? The company says the DC charger can charge the Taycan in under 30 minutes.

“With the Porsche Taycan, we are proving that electromobility is sustainable in the Philippines. We are taking the lead in this area to open possibilities for future partners and stakeholders so the technology can be adopted more widely by progressive consumers. Fully electric cars are not mere concept vehicles as proven by not a few of our forward-thinking customers who regularly drive their Taycan on the country’s roads,” said Roberto Coyiuto III, Porsche Philippines president, and CEO.

Porsche PH now has a DC fast charger for the Taycan EV image

Want to have your Taycan recharged using the new DC charger? Taycan owners who purchased their vehicle from Porsche Center Philippines get exclusive and free use of the fast charger. All you have to do is book an appointment and then simply drive through the facility. Specialists will always be on hand to assist customers.

To date, Porsche Philippines has invested over PHP 150 million not only for charging solutions but also for acquiring original Porsche and other manufacturer-approved equipment, tools, and software specific for servicing electric vehicles.

Porsche PH now has a DC fast charger for the Taycan EV image

The company plans to install more advanced charging facilities, similar to the one at their EDSA dealership, in key local destinations across the country. This will help support the necessary ecosystem for the Taycan's operation in the country.