Nowadays, classic Porsches are more sought-after than ever. Not to mention that their prices have skyrocketed over the past few years, especially for limited-run units. That said, a lot of people are trying to snatch up those classic Porsches before the prices go up even more, be it a classic car lover or a thief looking for a quick profit.

In order to help protect your precious ride, Porsche Classic has developed two new safety features which can be retrofitted into your old Porsche.

These modern anti-theft systems helps protect your classic Porsche

The first of these security features is the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System. As the name implies, the system is essentially a tracker fitted onto your classic Porsche which communicates with a security network that covers all of Europe. What makes it unique is that it can be fitted onto all models, be it an classic 356 or a Carrera GT. To ensure that even highly skilled thieves won't be able to disable the system and steal the vehicle, it has a number of unique features and failsafes.

For starters, the hardware itself looks rather inconspicuous and is fitted to a hard to access part of the vehicle, making it hard to detect and possibly disable. Disconnecting the battery will also not work as the system has its own battery. Doing so will also trigger an alarm where the owner will be notified through an app. If the owner confirms unauthorized access, authorities will then begin their hunt for the thieves and vehicle.

Another option to thwart thieves would be to prevent the engine from being restarted via wireless command. Once shutdown, the vehicle can then be only unlocked by employees of the security center. Should the system detect jammers, an alarm will also be immediately sent out to authorities.

These modern anti-theft systems helps protect your classic Porsche

To complement the electronic system, Porsche also offers a mechanical shift lever lock which makes it almost impossible for a thief to drive the car. Developed by Bear-Lock, it is also available for all models be it a brand new 992 or an air-cooled 930; manual or automatic transmission. As the name implies, it works by blocking the shifter from moving, unless the system is unlocked.

The cost of the Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System will set owners back approximately EUR 1,000 (about Php 60,120) plus a service charge of 20 euros per month. The gearshift lock itself costs EUR 250 (about Php 15,000). Both systems can only be installed by authorized Porsche Centers.