It's time to bid farewell to diesel-powered Porsches. The German marque recently announced that they will no longer be offering diesel engine models, even in the future. Instead, they have shifted their focus to hybrids models and upcoming pure electric vehicles. In fact, Porsche says they have not offered a diesel option in its entire model lineup since February this year.

“Porsche is not demonizing diesel. It is, and will remain, an important propulsion technology. We as a sports car manufacturer, however, for whom diesel has always played a secondary role, have come to the conclusion that we would like our future to be diesel-free,” says Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche AG.

Porsche says bye bye to diesel engines

According to Porsche, they will have invested more than 6 billion euros in e-mobility by 2022. In 2019, the Taycan – Porsche's first purely electric vehicle – will be making its debut. More so, the German automaker hopes to have 'every new Porsche vehicle' fitted with an electric drive – be it hybrid or purely electric.

While they are focusing on electrification, Porsche purists have nothing to worry about as the automaker is still focused on optimizing the gasoline-powered engines. This means we will still see cars such as the 911 GT3 RS and the 911 Turbo in the future as 'emotional and powerful sports cars will continue to play an important role in the Porsche product portfolio'.

Despite having axed the diesel engine from their lineup, Blume added that existing diesel customers will continue to be served.