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Porsche set to arrive in Project Cars 2 with eleven cars


Project Cars 2 to feature classic racecars, production vehicles from Porsche

Fans of Porsche rejoice as Project Cars 2 will feature 11 automobiles from the Stuttgart-based automaker. From the iconic 911 to the 918 Spyder, the next installment of the racing simulation game will have a wide variety of production and race cars from Porsche.

The developers of Project Cars sought technical assistance from Porsche factory driver Patrick Long in a bid to make the cars as authentic as possible. This was documented in the film 'Built By Driver' where the two-time Le Mans and Daytona winner tested the cars in-game.


Some of the Porsche racecars that will be arriving in Project Cars 2 include the 935, GT1-98, 936 and the 962C which is heralded as one of the most dominant cars in motorsport history.

Fast forward to the present, the all-new 911 GT3 R and RS, along with the 918 Spyder hypercar will also be available at everyone's disposal.

Project Cars 2 will be available by late 2017 and will have over 170 cars, virtual reality headset support and updated pad handling. It will be launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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