The diesel scandal that hounded Porsche (and its parent company Volkswagen) has resulted in more fines for the German auto brand.

Recently, the Stuttgart-based automaker was slapped with a hefty fine due to the past diesel emissions cheating. Part of the Volkswagen 'Dieselgate' scandal, the EUR 535 million fine placed on Porsche consists of a EUR 4 million fine for negligent breach of duty, and a levy of economic benefits that amount to EUR 531 million.

Based on the investigation by the Stuttgart Public Prosecutor's Office (SPPO), negligent breaches of supervisory duties occurred in the development division of Porsche AG jus several levels below the executive board. With it, the SPPO said that these contributed to the partial irregularities of Porsche vehicles from the regulatory requirements in emissions tests.

Porsche AG did not file an appeal against the fine, therefore concluding the procedure between SPPO and Porsche AG.

However, Porsche reiterated that they have never developed or produced diesel-powered engines. Instead, the automaker used diesel engines borrowed from sister companies like Audi and Volkswagen to power several of their models (i.e. Cayenne, Macan, Panamera).

Looking forward, Porsche also said that they have stopped using diesel technology since late 2018. Now, they're shifting their focus more on electrification and building purely electric automobiles. From the upcoming Taycan, to the next-gen Macan that will purely be an EV, Porsche wants to ditch diesel in favor of more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

With the hefty fine looming over Porsche's head, the company has stated that they will be taking the financial impact into account for Q2 of 2019.