With Ford and Mercedes-Benz already shutting down all of their European factories due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) along with Peugeot, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, it was only time before other manufacturers did the same. Today, German sports car manufacturer Porsche has announced that they will be stopping production as well.

Starting March 21, 2020, Porsche’s parent plant in Zuffenhausen and the production facility in Leipzig will be closed. The closure of the manufacturer's plants is in response to the growing rate of infection within the country. It is also in line with their parent company's footsteps, Volkswagen, which has temporarily suspended production across Europe.

“With these measures, our company contributes to the protection of the workforce and the reduction of the spread of the coronavirus. The actual consequences are not yet predictable. It is therefore too early for forecasts. What is clear is that 2020 will be a very challenging year. We can only overcome the pandemic together and by taking rigorous measures,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG.

Porsche did not disclose when production will resume. For the time being, the Stuttgart-based automaker said in a press release that work will stop for an initial period of two weeks. However, considering the continuing spread of the virus, it may be extended for longer, depending on the situation.

As all Porsches are built in Europe, expect delivery of your precious sports cars (or crossovers) to be delayed. Then again, receiving a brand new Porsche should be the least of your concerns considering the coronavirus pandemic.