Later this year, Porsche will finally be revealing the all-electric Taycan at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show.

In order to whet our appetite for their latest model, the German automaker has revealed the first official images of the electric four-door sedan's interior. And if you happen to like vehicles with numerous monitors and touchscreen displays, then you will definitely like the Taycan.

All-electric Porsche Taycan interior has 5 digital displays image

For starters, there's a 16.8-inch curved unit situated in front of the driver and serves as the Taycan's digital instrument cluster. To the right of the gauge cluster, there's a smaller 10.9-inch unit which acts as the car's infotainment screen. The third screen is located in front of the passenger seat with tiles that display audio, phone and navigation simultaneously. On the center console, you'll find an 8.4-inch touchscreen unit with haptic feedback, controlling the air-conditioning unit and shortcuts to navigation, audio, phone, and settings menu. If four displays aren't enough, there's a four-zone climate control option which adds a 5.9-inch touchscreen to the rear-seat area.

While the Taycan's cabin is completely loaded with displays, its design still follows Porsche traditions. If you look at the dashboard alone, you can easily see the resemblance between the Taycan and the current-generation 911. While the Taycan may have numerous displays, and electronically controlled air-vents, it still feels very much a Porsche inside.

All-electric Porsche Taycan interior has 5 digital displays image

To make the ride more comfortable for occupants, Porsche also added that the Taycan will have Apple Music built in, its first-ever full-integration into any vehicle. Since it is an EV, the driver and passenger can stream and enjoy the music without having to deal with a noisy engine. Occupants can use Porsche Voice Assistant and request songs, albums, and playlists on Apple Music.

All-electric Porsche Taycan interior has 5 digital displays image

Aside from the modern glass cockpit, Porsche also wants to make the Taycan's cabin more sustainable, too. The upcoming EV will be offered with optional Race-Tex upholstery made from recycled materials that produce less carbon during production. The same materials are also found on the carpets and other interior bits.

Besides the interior photos, no new info has been revealed about the Taycan. Porsche will likely be baring all once the car debuts next week in Germany.