Porsche has big plans for the ASEAN region. The German marque announced that they will be opening their first facility in the region next year. Yes, Porsches will soon be built in the ASEAN region, and it will be their first assembly plant outside of Europe. Specifically, the brand's new production site will be located in Malaysia.

But why the ASEAN region? According to Porsche, South East Asia represents “a very dynamic market environment” with “significant growth and innovation potentials”. Subsequently, having an assembly plant in the region will allow them to keep pace with evolving customer and market demands.

The Malaysia-assembled Porsches will be done together with its long-standing partner Sime Darby Berhad. For reference, they're also the group behind the Malaysian-built BMW vehicles. At the moment, Porsche has yet to disclose which models will be built at the Malaysia plant. However, they say “the vehicles will specifically match local requirements”. Production of vehicles will also begin in 2022.

Porsche to produce vehicles in Malaysia starting 2022 image

The vehicles to be assembled in Malaysia will likely be the Macan and the Cayenne. Given the popularity of the two SUVs, it would be the most logical choice. These two models are some of Porsche's best-selling models globally, after all. Meanwhile, fans of the 911 would surely be up in pitchforks if Porsche started building the flagship sportscar outside of Stuttgart.

With Porsche setting up shop in Malaysia, does this mean the Philippines will source Porsche vehicles from our ASEAN neighbor? No, at least for now. Porsche says the models that will be assembled at the new facility will be exclusive to the Malaysian market. However, the automaker did not give indications whether the Malaysia plant will serve as a hub for ASEAN markets in the future.

What do you think of Malaysian-built Porsches? Should Porsche Philippines source vehicles from Malaysia in the future to cut costs, or is Stuttgart still the way to go? Let us know in the comments below.