When Porsche first announced its plan to make an all-electric car, some were skeptical of Porsche's intent to make zero-emissions performance possible. However, they erased all doubt once the Taycan was officially revealed to have between 520 to 750 horsepower from its electric motors, depending on the variant.

There were initial rumors of the 911 in danger of becoming a purely electric sports car, with Porsche's current path to electrification. You can all put your pitchforks away and breathe a sigh of relief as Porsche has no intention of removing the flat-six from the 911 any time soon.

According to Oliver Blume, CEO of Porsche, the company will continue to offer combustion engines for the 911. This means that despite the automaker's continued effort to make electrification available in its portfolio, Porsche's premier sports car will continue to have a flat-six.

Porsche will be more electric except for 911, says CEO image

“Around 50 percent of all Porsche vehicles could be sold with an electric or hybrid drive by 2025. However, Porsche will always offer combustion engines, particularly in the 911. But we can’t stop the onward march of electromobility,” said Blume.

Aside from making sure that the 911 continues to be powered by internal-combustion engines, Blume mentioned that they also plan to produce vehicles as sustainably as possible in relation to new environmental movements and more stringent CO₂ emissions regulations.

“On the contrary, our customers also demand that our vehicles can be driven and produced as sustainably as possible. Porsche will always remain innovative and dynamic, while simultaneously becoming more and more efficient. Customers do not just buy a sports car because they want to drive fast,” added Blume.

Porsche will be more electric except for 911, says CEO image

Despite their commitment to the 911, Blume did say that they must reduce emissions still in order to keep the planet sustainable. He also wishes that in the future, more and more charging infrastructures, as well as electrified vehicles allow for a cleaner environment for everyone.

“Our new Taycan is the best example there. It boasts outstanding acceleration values and fantastic driving dynamics, but simultaneously also produces zero emissions and is almost silent in operation,” said Blume.