Thanks to the POTUS, we were able to get a look at Ford's upcoming electric pick-up

When you're the leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world, you have unprecedented access to almost any place on Earth. Take for example US President Joe Biden, who managed to get a sneak peek of Ford's upcoming electric pick-up truck.

We already know that the pick-up's name is 'Lightning'. But we have yet to see what it actually looks like. Well, thanks to President Biden's visit to Ford's Rogue Electric Vehicle Center, we also managed to get a look at the upcoming EV.

US Pres. Biden just gave us a sneak peek of Ford F-150 Lightning image

Despite Ford not mentioning anything about the Lightning during Biden's visit, it was clear that the EV pick-up was also there. In one of the photos wherein, Biden was making a speech, we can see what appears to be the F-150 Lightning.

Unlike the standard F-150s, the Lightning has a closed-off grille since it doesn't have an engine under the hood. It also has a unique LED light bar which might help make it stand out from the F-150 lineup. Last but not least, it appears the Lightning has distinct LED daytime running lights and a smoother-looking front fascia.

US Pres. Biden just gave us a sneak peek of Ford F-150 Lightning image

Other details regarding the Lightning are still up in the air. However, Ford did mention that the F-150 Lightning EV will be their most powerful hauler, and it should. Back in September 2020, the Blue Oval announced that it will be their most powerful F-150 ever. It will have dual electric motors and will have the ability to tow heavy trailers with ease.

In 2019, Ford demonstrated this when they used a prototype F-150 EV towing around 1 million pounds (453,000 kg) worth of double-decker train cars. What's more, is that the train cars were filled with 42 F-150s. This could mean the Lightning could have over 1,000 PS and more than 1,000 Nm of torque.

US Pres. Biden just gave us a sneak peek of Ford F-150 Lightning image

But why did Ford use the Lightning name for the F-150 EV? Well, the name is actually a callback to the F-150 SVT Lightning of the 90s. It served as the high-performance version of the F-150 way before the Raptor name was used. The Lightning name spanned two generations, with the second generation garnering a cult-like following. Not only did it get a lowered ride height and a modified suspension, but it was also powered by a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 that put out 380 PS and 610 Nm of torque. After 2004, the Lightning name went dormant for years.

US Pres. Biden just gave us a sneak peek of Ford F-150 Lightning image

With Ford entering an electrified future, the Blue Oval decided to bring back the Lightning name for its first-ever electric F-150. Some might say it's sacrilege to use the name for an EV. But since it will be the most powerful F-150 pick-up truck, I'd say it's the perfect name.

Thank you, POTUS.