President Barack Obama has set another ambitious goal for the automotive industry to reach.  In his first year in office he set a gas mileage goal for new cars sold in the US and right now, manufacturers are well on their way to meeting it.

Today the President, through his speech in Maryland, is reaching for another automotive milestone, to reduce the emissions and fuel consumption of medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses. 

By instructing two US agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation to draft new standards for commercial, heavy-duty vehicles, it has sent a clear and firm global message for manufacturers to start making more fuel-efficient, lower emissions trucks.

“If you set a clear goal, we would give our companies the certainty that they needed to innovate and out-build the rest of the world.  They could figure it out if they had a goal that they were trying to reach.  And thanks to their ingenuity and hard work, we’re going to meet that goal,” said Obama.

The Diesel Technology Forum, which is represented by international leaders in the development of clean diesel technology for all modes of transportation, including heavy duty trucks and buses, passenger vehicles and off-road equipment, has welcome the challenge and already made preliminary moves in its direction.

“Engine and vehicle makers have all met the first set of Phase I standards for higher fuel efficiency in the current 2014 products that are now certified and for sale,” said Allen Schaeffer, the Executive Director of the Forum. 

It may take a while before the Philippines see the ripple effect of this policy and enjoy the benefits of fuel-efficient buses with lower emissions but once the US gets the ball rolling, it will only be a matter of time.